887 Nitro Mag
Cal. 12B Bar.28"..
ATA SP Bronze
ATA SP BRONZE GAME M/C 12GGreat value over and under from ATA Arms, with well figured Turkish walnut..
AYA Matador SSTE
AYA Matador SSTE20 BoreSide by side28" BarrelA lovely pre-owned gun..
AYA No 3
AYA No 316 BoreSide by side28" BarrelA very nice pre owned model...
Beretta A400 Xcel
A nice Pre-Owned Beretta A400 Excel 12G with kick-off 30" BarrelA400 Xcel: the Fastest, Lowest-Recoi..
Browning 325
A Pre-Owned Browning 325 - 12G 30" Gun TypeShotgunGun MakeBrowningOrientationRight Hand StockMe..
Browning 525
A Pre-Owned Browning 525 - 12GGun TypeShotgunGun MakeBrowningOrientationRight Hand StockMechanismOve..
Browning Fusion
Pre-Owned = Browning Fusion Semi 12G..
Browning Medalist
Pre-Owned - Browning Medalist - 20G - 28"Gun TypeShotgunGun MakeBrowningOrientationRight Hand StockM..
Holland & Holland Dominion
Holland & Holland DominionWith a serial number dating this gun to 1882, this is one of Holland &..
J P Sauer
J P Sauer16 BoreSide by side 29" BarrelA nice pre owned gun in very good condition..
Kofs Sceptre
Kofs Sceptre SXE Game 410The first thing you will notice is the finish of the stocks, made with a qu..
Miroku MK38 Sport
A Pre-Owned Miroku MK38 Sport 12G TeagueGun TypeShotgunGun MakeMirokuOrientationRight Hand StockMech..
Mitoku MK38 Trap
A Pre-Owned Miroku MK38 Trap 12G 32"Gun TypeShotgunGun MakeMirokuOrientationRight Hand StockMechanis..
P Beretta 686E
Pre-Owned - P Beretta 686 E 12G..
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